Articles and reviews

Peer-reviewed articles

What the Old Right of Necessity Can Do for the Contemporary Global Poor. In Journal of Applied Philosophy, forthcoming. DOI:10.1111/japp.12170.

Rethinking Land and Natural Resources, and Rights over Them. In Philosophy and Public Issues 6, 2 (2016): 122-41.

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What We Own Before Property: Hugo Grotius and the Suum. In Grotiana 36 (2015): 1-15.

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Review essays

The Environmental Turn in Territorial Rights. In CRISPP: Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 19, 2 (2016): 221-41.


The Polar Regions. An Environmental History. By Adrian Howkins. In Polar Record 53, 2 (2016): 226-27.

Animal Rights with a Grain of Salt. Review of Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know. By Paul Waldau. In Society & Animals 21, 3 (2013): 318-319. DOI: 10.1163/15685306-12341290.

Should Trees Have Standing? By Christopher Stone. In Pandora’s Box 18 (2011): 91-99.

Nature, Aesthetics and Environmentalism: From Beauty to Duty. By Allen Carlson and Sheila Lintott (eds.) In Environmental Values 20, 3 (2011): 449-452.

Naturaleza y valor. By Margarita Valdés (comp.) In Crítica 42, 126 (2010): 79-86.

Encyclopedia entries

Veganism, in Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics. Paul B. Thompson and David M.
Kaplan (eds.), second edition. Springer, forthcoming.

Short articles

Seven Notes on Sovereignty, Ensayos 2 (2015): 22-23.

A Can of Tomato Juice in the Sea. In Philosophy Now 107 (2015), pp. 20-21.

Avatar vs. Mononoke. In Philosophy Now (2011) 85: pp. 44-46.