Most of my work has been on research so far. However, my initial interest in pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy was to be able to teach both undergraduate and graduate levels. While I was studying philosophy at the Universidad Catolica de Chile I worked as a tutor in Ethics and Philosophical Anthropology, and after graduating in 2008 I taught two introductory courses of Ethics for BA students. That same year I also taught a seminar on Environmental Ethics.

During my Ph.D. studies at the Australian National University, I worked for the Language Department as a tutor in the course Current Affairs in the Spanish-speaking world. I also worked as a tutor in the courses Legal and Ethical Issues in Health and Theories of Justice, both at Charles Sturt University, Wagga-Wagga.

As a postdoctoral research fellow, I have supervised a master thesis on Arne Naess’s deep ecology, and taught an intensive Ph.D. course entitled From holding to owning – property rights in the modern natural law tradition.